Case Study for women.

Berkeley Garden (see portfolio)

Nola's garden project consisted of a small rectangular front yard and a large bamboo-filled backyard. She had ideas about how she wanted to transform her property, but first she needed to oversee the removal of the bamboo. When that was done, the backyard was a bare slate and Nola was ready to hire a professional designer who could help her clarify her vision and make it a reality.

Nola's garden design process started with a walk in her neighborhood.  We discussed her likes and dislikes.  Nola worked closely with Green Alchemy to create a natural garden tempered with elements of structure.  The ultimate goal was to create an environment that was welcoming to guests as well as a natural refuge for private times.

A warm color palette and varied shades of green was chosen to fill in and around a series of stone pathways that meander and wind in complex patterns throughout the garden. Taking center stage in the garden is a circular patio and sit-wall.

Nola’s kitchen opens out onto the garden and the visibility of the garden from the house was a key factor in all the design decisions.