Garden Design for couples.

Perhaps you and your partner are improving an older home or settling down in your dream property. You may have put your outdoor areas on hold in the past, but now you're both ready to create the garden and outdoor environment you've always dreamed about.

The two of you probably have great ideas. You want to be creative while providing a great space to share with family and friends.  Maybe you have little ones and a fido or two that will be growing up in the garden? Are you wondering how best to address problem areas, go organic, find a place for a special object? Did you ever ponder how you were going to fit that vegetable garden, the kids play structure, and a retreat area with hammock all into one space?

Whatever your preferences, Green Alchemy can help. We'll guide you through a fun process of exploring what each of you want, sorting out the options, and seeing what truly fits. We'll also encourage your involvement in the design process every step of the way—from choosing the ideal BBQ spot to making sure the yoga area includes the soothing sounds of water. By collaboratively making design decisions together, we can ultimately create a space that meets your desires, needs, and preferences.