Garden Installation for businesses and organizations.

After we've worked together to create the perfect design for your business or organization, you'll be ready to see it become a reality. You're probably excited about the prospect of the finished result, but the idea of operating in a construction zone has you worried.

We understand. When it comes to Green Alchemy's installation you get more than a construction crew; you get a thoughtful and caring partner.

Your professional work place needs to keep going even when changes are being made to the facilities. During all installation projects, Green Alchemy pays attention to the little details. This includes things like daily clean up, keeping dirty hands off of the walls, and a staff with manners. We also pride ourselves on our communication skills so that you always know what we're doing, why we're doing it, and how it will affect you. The creation of your garden is a beautiful process and we're committed to making it as painless for you as possible.

Wondering how your installation project will get started? At the end of our design process, we'll present you with a clearly outlined plan of action for the installation, a cost sheet, and a payment schedule. We'll also include a start date and estimated date of completion. We'll keep you informed of our progress daily and will make sure that you always know where the project stands.

Please note that Green Alchemy offers installation services to its design clients only.